Best Places to Teach English in Asia

From Seoul to Sapporo, Asia’s demand for English teachers is at an all-time high but not all opportunities are created equal. Here is our shortlist of the best places to teach English in Asia:

1. South Korea
Why ?: Because English classes are compulsory in school (and English proficiency so desirable in the private market) teaching opportunities abound in the “Land of the Morning Calm.” Plus, in addition to high salaries and ample benefits, some positions even provide roundtrip airfare.
How?: Native English speakers only need a Bachelor’s Degree, but the best schools are looking for candidates with formal credentials. Training schools can certify you in as little as one or two months to be a professional English teacher.
Be careful of: Disreputable ESL recruiters and programs.

2. Thailand
Why?: Although salaries are lower than elsewhere in Asia, so is the cost of living. Plus, the easy-going nature of the local and the natural beauty of the country itself makes this growing market even more desirable. In short, many English teachers consider Thailand to be a paradise on earth so why teach abroad anywhere else?
How?: Native speakers need Bachelor’s Degree, but a TEFL certification can lead to higher paying jobs in most urban centers.
Be careful of: Low wages and rural locations.

3. Japan
Why: Japan, long a mainstay of international English teachers, continues to be a top destination with its varied programs, safe travel, and secure positions. Most large cities have ample opportunities with public and private schools while national programs (such as the Jet Program) provide immersion opportunities in rural communities.
How?: Native speakers only need Bachelor’s Degree but competition can be fierce so apply early [FYI: the school year begins in April].
Be careful of: The relatively high cost of living.