Study English in Canada

Why study English in Canada?
Though it is often overshadowed by its more prominent neighbor to the south, a closer look at Canada reveals that this gentle giant of a country has a lot to offer international students. From a dollars and sense perspective alone, for example, Canada offer high-quality educational opportunities at affordable prices. With the low cost of living, favorable exchange rate, and moderate tuition fees, studying English in Canada can be far less expensive than in the US or UK.

Where can I study?
Cost alone does not explain why Canada is the fourth most popular study abroad destination in the world, however. No, Canada’s consistent appeal is also due to the fact that major Canadian cities like Toronto and Vancouver consistently rank as among the best places to live in the world. Though Toronto, as the country’s largest city, offers a more cosmopolitan feel than the more outdoorsy Vancouver, both cities – and indeed many of the country’s smaller towns and villages – are renowned for their safety, cleanliness, and friendliness. Even outside the major cities a number of immersion opportunities exist. Moreover, because Canada has a policy of encouraging multicultural diversity international students can make the most of their time in Canada no matter where they study.

What are the Canadian student visa regulations like?
Students from many countries may enter – and study – in Canada for a period of up to six months without a visa. Students who wish to study for more than six months, however, must obtain a Study Permit from the office of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Because receipt of the permit is contingent upon acceptance in a school in Canada, however, candidates should apply to the language school of their choice first and then submit the resulting documents to the CIC. For more information about this process, see the CIC’s website.

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