Study at CSI ESL Academy

CSI Academy StudentsThose who are look for the ideal language immersion experience know that sometimes it comes down to location, location, location. Fortunately, as the diverse students that study at CSI ESL Academy can attest, CSI allows international students to carefully select the English immersion environment that is right for them. Indeed, over the years students from over 40 countries have found CSI to be the right place for them thanks to its network of campuses in and around Chicago and Boston. Of course, those with an eye on urban culture will benefit from their Chicago and Boston campuses but at the same time, those interested in trying out a quieter pace of life during their immersion experience will find their other three campuses – two other Illinois (Skokie and Lombard) and another in Massachusetts (Worcester) – ideal.

No matter which campus students select, however, those who study at any of CSI ESL Academy’s campuses will benefit from simultaneously studying a language in class and using it in their environment. By enabling students to apply their new language skills in real world situations, CSI cultivates a self-reinforcing learning environment and enables students to become from more comfortable using English in a variety of contexts.

That variety is further reinforced by the wide variety of English language programs available to those who study at CSI’s ESL Academy. With its beginner, intermediate, and advanced level coursework, students of all backgrounds can benefit from their signature Intensive English courses while those with an eye on English-language higher education will find one of the three advanced-level Academic English programs to be perfect fit for their needs. Likewise, internships arranged through their Business English program allows students with F1 visas to legally work and live in the US while improving both their English and professional skills at the same time.

Thus, as you can see, from the Northeast to the Midwest and from the beginner level to the most advanced, CSI’s ESL Academy’s unparalleled level of service could be just the change you are looking for!