School Vocabulary about Nicknames

bookwormKids will be kids so, of course, they will call each other names from time to time. Good, bad, or ugly, in this entry we discuss school vocabulary about nicknames.

bookworm – someone who reads a lot

  • Jeremy is such a bookworm! I mean, he uses his library card more than his metro card!

eager beaver – someone who is extremely excited to start work on (or be involved in) a project

  • Woah, hold on a second! Don’t be such an eager beaver – you still haven’t read the instructions!

teacher’s pet – a student who is constantly seeking positive affirmation or attention from the teacher

  • The teacher’s pet is often accused of being a “suck-up” but that term is considered fairly rude.

Note: Another, related, term is to brown nose (noun: a brownnoser), but this, too, is considered rude.

copycat – a generally playful term used to describe someone who reproduces the work (or actions) of others

  • Marcy is such a copycat; the minute I got a new backpack, she got one exactly like it.

tattletale – the name given to students who always report events back to authority figures

  • Don’t be such a tattletale; no one else needs to know about the fight!

wise guy – the name give to someone who acts as if he or she knows everyone (and is often rude about it)

  • Every class has a wise guy; sometimes he the class clown, other times he is a major teacher’s pet.

Note: Similar phrases like smart aleck and know-it-all are also common but have slightly different connotations.

bully – a mean-spirited person who enforces his or her will by the use of violence or other cruelty

  • Every school has a bully but not every child needs to be a victim!

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