Private Credential Evaluation Agency: Personal Account

When I was applying to schools in the USA, I was totally confused about how I could get my degrees and classes evaluated from my home country of India. I had a Bachelors degree from India and many universities in the United States (including NYU – which has it’s own international credential evaluation department) told me I had a minimum of 2 years worth of credits to complete before my Bachelors degree could even be considered as an equivalent of the American degree.

Like many countries east of the USA, my Bachelors degree was a 3 years program (as opposed to a US Bachelor’s degree which is typically a 4 year program) and I could make my peace with one additional year of credits, but 2 years seemed a little unfair (I kept going back into painful flashbacks of heavy, back breaking journals and long drawn out brain wracking lectures and to the victorious day of receiving my degree – which all seemed a tad bit worthless at this point). Luckily for me, a few other Universities directed me to Private Credential Evaluation Agencies who told me that one year is all I would need, if at all (now, this was my personal experience and may not apply to everyone.)

This sparked my interest and I tried to research into it further. Many Indian degrees are evaluated and eventually recognized as an American equivalent, especially Engineering degrees and I.T. degrees. While this will depend on your course load, it was good to know that some 3-year degree programs are also considered as an equivalent to the 4 year programs in the United States. Of course, a lot depends on the accreditation given to the particular foreign university you might have studied in –  the majority of these universities have an ‘A+’ or ‘A’ accreditation by the education board. I had the luck of my college being recognized in the list of ‘Autonomous Colleges’ that most Credential Evaluation Companies accept (this list may vary from company to company but most websites do display their list publically).