Phrasal Verbs You Just Can’t Make Up!

hugIt’s often incredible how many meanings you can get from the same two words when you use them in different contexts. Take “make,” the subject of today’s installment, as an example!

Make up/ – to reconcile differences with someone (e.g., after an argument)

  • After my first big argument with my boyfriend, it took a few days before we were both calm enough to talk about it and make up.

Note: “Make up” with this meaning can be used both with and without an object. In cases where we use an object, it comes after the preposition “with.”

  •  Why haven’t you made up with Mary yet? She’s your best friend!

Make up for/ – To compensate

  • I know from experience that it’s extremely hard to make up for a forgotten anniversary. Flowers, chocolate, and a massage are all good ideas, but they may not be enough!

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