Phrasal Verbs About Bullying

bullyingEveryone remembers that one kid in elementary school. He was always mean to the skinny kid with glasses, laughing with his friends at the kids that weren’t popular. Recently, there has been a growing public discussion about these “bullies” and their abusive behavior, known as “bullying.” Our entry today will give you some useful expressions to participate in this discussion.

Beat … Up/ –  to intentionally (and in some cases seriously) hurt someone, usually with several punches/kicks

  • Bobby didn’t like it when Dan corrected him in math class, so he beat him up at the playground at recess.

Note: this phrasal verb is most commonly used in its separated form, as in the example above. However, when it is used in its unseparated form, it is usually in an informal passive voice construction with the auxiliary verb “get,” like in this example: Continue reading “Phrasal Verbs About Bullying”