3 Tips to Use IELTS Exam Prep for English Success

indexSince 67 sovereign states and 27 non-sovereign entities declare English as an official language, the IELTS is a pathway to much more than formal admission procedures. Though educational institutions and professionals view the test as adequate proof of English language skills, students who prepare for the IELTS as if it is more than just a test will not only receive better scores, but will be granted with years of English success.

Berni Wall, a teacher who has helped many IELTS students earn a 7 or 8 band score, states that the three golden rules for the IELTS are to 1) remember that you will be tested on your English language ability, 2) better these skills, and 3) understand that you will need to be immersed in the language (not just read practice books) in order to be successful. Continue reading “3 Tips to Use IELTS Exam Prep for English Success”