Best Places to Teach English in the Middle East

As the Middle East’s youth bulge continues to grow, so does its demand for English teachers. Here is our short list of the best places to teach English in the Middle East:

1. Dubai
Why?: Dubai, in its rush to become one of the world’s major trading centers, has made English a mandatory subject in its schools. This need, in addition to the burgeoining economic growth of the city, has contributed to the growth in demand for ESL teachers and their salaries (which can be among the highest in the world).
How?: The market in Dubai remains competitive and teachers are paid according to experience. As a result, TEFL qualified teachers will have the best luck in the Emirates’ language schools.
Be careful of: Because many of the more lucrative private school cater to the needs of working professional, the working hours due to this reason might be quite hectic and odd.

2. Israel
Why?: Israel’s demand for English teachers of has surged in recent years. In addition to the fact that English language classes are mandatory in many schools, as one of the more developed economies in the Middle East, Israel also offers higher level ESL positions to prepare its citizens for international business affairs.
How?: Israel is rather strict about the qualifications of the teachers, and interested applicants should consider getting their TEFL certified in their home country.
Be careful of: A lower level of pay than other developed countries (such as South Korea or Japan) but ample opportunities to participate in training certificate programs, conferences and workshops.

3. Saudi Arabia
Why?: If money is your motivator, why teach abroad anywhere else? Although lucrative, Saudi Arabia presents many cultural barriers; applicants should be interested in life in the Middle East and very accepting of cultural differences.
How?: Teaching experience and TEFL certifications are required, although stable contracts can be secured from home through on-site recruiting agencies.
Be careful of: Most positions in Saudi Arabia are available only to men.