How Personality Can Affect English Teaching Styles

In much the same way that every student is different, so too are their learning styles. This differences should not be taken for granted, however, as they can have a profound impact on language learning at every level. Teachers that identifies their audiences’ learning styles and adapt their English Teaching Styles accordingly are, thus, the most effective.

Consider, by way of example, just two types of students: extroverts and introverts. Extroverted learners would doubtless benefit from the speech- and listening-oriented Audiolingualism approach because this method puts an emphasis on group interaction and play. The use of music, songs, chants and other listening activities at the expense of explicit instruction in grammar, auditory students means that would excel in though this manner of instruction.

Introverted students, by contrast, may shy away from such boisterous activities. Indeed, because they are less willing than their peers to express their ideas and to freely participate in activities, they may be more receptive to the Grammar Translation approach. Because of its emphasis on grammar and structure it is more predictable (and therefore less daunting) to language learners and thus this method may allow students to feel more comfortable by developing familiarity at their own pace.

From these two examples alone it is clear that a student’s personality can have wide ranging implications on their learning style. Thus, no matter what age, level or group a teacher is working with, it is important to consider their target audience when comparing English teaching styles. While it may not be possible to meet the needs of all students at the same time, the careful application of different strategies over time will provide all students with the opportunity to succeed in the long run. This it is important to consider factors such as these when preparing lesson plans and learning activities. In so doing teachers can help ensure as positive – and productive – a learning experience as possible.