Study English at ELS

In its role as a leader in English immersion education, ELS Educational Services, Inc – better known as ELS – offers international students a variety of English courses at a wide range of proficiency levels at any of its more than 60 ELS Language Centers worldwide. Although all levels (which vary based on aptitude from 101 [Beginner] to 112 [Masters]) strive to emphasize the fundamental aspects of English proficiency, the distinctions between these levels are meant to ensure that students are enrolled in the program that best meets their needs.

Students are assessed by means of a specialized Pre-Arrival Test (PAT) administered by qualified ELS counselors before leaving their home country and are subsequently placed into one of the 12 proficiency levels. Regardless of the level, however, students at every level will take part in a curriculum comprised of roughly 20 to 30 hours of weekly, classroom-based instruction over the course of four weeks. Likewise, regardless of proficiency level, all levels focus on listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation skills (albeit at course-specific level).

At the completion of each four week unit, students who successfully demonstrate their improved proficiency through a combination of classroom participation, classwork, homework, quizzes, and – ultimately – a final examination in the form of a “Standardized Level Test” will automatically advance to the next ELS level of study.

In this way ELS strives to provide those study English at ELS with as a program of study that is simultaneously as well-structured as it is adaptable. This emphasis on consistency pays dividends in significant ways: because of its reputation for excellence students who study English at ELS Language Centers and complete its upper level courses can use their credentials as direct fulfillment of the English proficiency requirement at more than 600 colleges and universities around the world. Thus an ELS can be, in many ways, the first step in the journey of a lifetime.