Understanding BULATS Results

Because the BULATS exam is itself actually made up of four distinct parts with several different testing styles, understanding your BULATS Results can be almost as challenging as taking the exam itself!

Whether it is taken online or by CD-ROM, because the Reading and Listening Test is a computer adaptive test results are available immediately on-screen at the conclusion of the exam. Those scores, using an encrypted algorithm, will be broken down into three parts:

  • a listening score;
  • a reading and language knowledge score;
  • and an overall score.

The overall score is given in an easy to understand scale of 1 to 100 which corresponds to an achievement level based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages:

75-89C1 (Effective proficiency)Advanced

BULATS Scores Common European Framework Ability
90-100 C2 (Mastery) Very Advanced
60-74 B2 (Vantage) Upper Intermediate
40-59 B1 (Threshold) Lower Intermediate
20-39 A2 (Waystage) Elementary
0-19 A1 (Breakthrough) Beginner

Regardless of whether taken online or at a testing center, applicants who take either the Speaking Test or the Writing Test will receive their test report after their exam has been graded by at least two trained examiners. The resulting score uses the same CEFR Framework listed above but also gives finer distinctions of ability using +, – and =. Optional CEFR “Can Do” Statements can also be included in score results to demonstrate applicants’ actual functional abilities.

Because of the fact that the exact format of the paper-based Standard Test is decided by the organization using it, results for this section are designed to allow for flexible reporting. For example, test administrators may place an increased emphasis on both accuracy and speed and curve exam results accordingly. As a result, it is especially important to check with the organizations requirements before attempting the exam.