Make a Break For Greatness! – Phrasal Verbs

Thief 470517045As any student of English – or regular reader of our phrasal verbs blog series – can tell you, one of the most interesting things about phrasal verbs is their sheer abundance. As the following examples with break prove, although a set of almost identical phrasal verbs can seem overwhelming at first, practice – and context – can help!

Break For – to move quickly toward

  • In an effort to free himself from his captors the hero made a break for the exit when they weren’t looking.

Note: As in the above example, this phrasal verb is often combined with “make a” to create the larger expression “make a break for”.

Break Through / – to pass through a barrier or obstacle by force

  • The crowd at the concert was so thick that Tammy had to break through a big line of people to make her way to the bathrooms.

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