ELP In-Depth: American Language Institute

classroom153379569As the first in a multi-part series on English Language Programs in the United States and around the globe, we at ESL Directory wanted to examine one of the world’s premier destinations: New York City. At the same time, since we are visiting the Big Apple, it only makes sense to start with the American Language Institute, the English language program at its namesake university.

Who should attend the American Language Institute?
ALI, as it is widely know, is ideal for both international students interested in studying English full-time in the United States and working professionals already in the area who are interested in polishing their English skills at a more relaxed pace. Because the needs of these two groups are disparate, the ALI offers English language courses from the beginner to advanced levels. Full-time students at or above the intermediate level are encourage to take advantage of afternoon enrichment classes on subjects that range from TOEFL prep to art appreciation. Advanced students are eligible to further their educations still more through evening courses at the ALI or noncredit classes NYU itself.

Where is the school located and is housing available?
The ALI’s main offices are centrally located in downtown Manhattan, just blocks from City Hall and Wall Street. Though NYU’s Office of Off-Campus Housing, international students can find school-managed housing throughout the city as well as advice on making and maintaining third-party housing arrangements.

When are classes held?
All three levels of the ALI’s Intensive English Program classes meet for five hours daily, Monday through Thursday. Afternoon and evening enrichment opportunities extend beyond that. Fall and Spring semesters are 14 weeks in length but two shorter summer semesters (which can be combined) are only six weeks each. Finally, ALI offers still-shorter summer seminars that provide international students with the opportunity to practice their English skills while exploring New York City.

Finally, what makes the American Language Institute unique?
In addition to its almost ideal setting at the heart of one of the English-speaking world’s greatest cities, because all students at the ALI are also part of NYU’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies, they are entitled to access the university’s world class facilities (academic and athletic) as well as their legendary cultural events. As a result, ALI students have access not only to New York City but also the world.