8 Mobile Apps for Learning English

mobile appsAn estimated 1 billion people are learning English worldwide, and that number is expected to grow. The mobile world is also growing, as Google urged businesses to make their websites responsive on mobile devices. The increased efforts to learn English mixed with “Mobilegeddon” has provided unique opportunities for people to learn English that were not available a decade ago.

Learning English on your phone means you can take English with you wherever you go. This process of learning is more flexible than others, and can also be a supplement to classroom learning or experiential learning.

Below are 8 mobile apps that can help you learn English on your mobile devices. Download one (or download them all) and improve your English skills in speaking, writing, and listening.

  1. Duolingo – This app won the “Best education start-up award.” Designed like a game, many who use this app find it addictive and enjoy hearing the chiming sounds when they answer a question correctly. The app also has opportunities to see what others are saying about phrases, vocabulary, and grammar. If a student gets far enough, they can unlock lessons that include more slang and colloquial language. The app is free and effective.
  2. FluentU – This app takes music videos, commercials, news reports, and more and turns them into English learning experiences. Students can watch a popular talk show and see interactive words at the bottom of the video. A student can click on a word for more clarification, an image, etc. to help explain the language. Unlike Duolingo’s fast paced learning, FluentU’s natural approach helps students ease into the English language and culture over time.
  3. Two Min English – This app has more than 200 two-minute video lessons on a variety of topics. Students can learn about English idioms, phrases, and common mistakes, as well as see the language from different perspectives, such as social English, business English, and travel English.
  4. Mosalingua – If when learning English you find that you often forget a word over time, this app may be able to help. By using the SRS (Spaced Repetition Software) method, students will review words just before they forget them. Reviewing these words before they forget will help them remember 1,500 of the most important English words for daily use.
  5. SpeakingPal English Tutor – In this interactive app, students learn through a series of quick, 5 minute lessons that can fit into any English learner’s busy schedule. The app’s speech recognition software creates a real video call so students can have short, fun dialogues with a video character.
  6. Busuu – This app allows students to talk with native English speakers. This helps students practice their English speaking skills. The app also helps other skills too, as they operate on the CEFR language framework, teaching key vocabulary, dialogue, writing practice, etc.
  7. English LaunchPad – This app can help both English learners and English teachers. The app offers features that help boost the English learning experience, such as practice exercises, lesson plans, grammar structures, whiteboard, quiz generators, student tracking, translator and flashcards.
  8. Voxy – In this popular app, students have the opportunity to learn English in a tailored way. With games for language practice, short quizzes to test comprehension, etc., English learners can understand the language based on their needs.

Whether learning on your own, adding extra time outside of class, studying for a language exam, or maintaining the language once learned, learning English has never been more convenient (and more fun). These are only 8 of the many other apps that can help students learn English. Find the one that’s right for you, and watch your understanding of the English language improve.