Preparing for the Student Visa Interview

F-1 Student VisaOne of the most difficult steps before going overseas to study English is obtaining your visa. While the paperwork may be time consuming, it is well worth the effort! Many international students coming to the US to study English have to interview at the embassy or consulate before obtaining their F-1 student visa. While many students can be nervous about the interview process, all you need to do is start preparing for the student visa interview a few weeks before your schedule appointment and you should have no problem!

Think about it. The entire interview is only lasts a few minutes and as long as you review sample questions for the F-1 student visa interview then you will know what type of questions to expect. Dress nicely, put on a big smile, and be prepared to answer questions about your background and goals. The most important aspect to consider is that you show that you have ties to your community and that you fully anticipate returning home. We have put together tips on how to begin preparing for the student visa interview designed to help you succeed and make your dream of learning English a reality.

For all of our readers, have you successfully completed your student visa interview? Let us know how you spent your time preparing for the student visa interview and if you have any suggestion.

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  1. Hi, my name is HyeSun Park, Im from South Korea. RIght now Im taking ESL class at Auburn University at Montgomery.

    I want to transfer to Gwinnettech college.

    I have few questions, first, how much is per semester.

    Second, I have Student VISA (I-20) so, I have to have take a full semester, but i saw schedule

    it is only one or two day class a week. It count full time or just half time.

    Third, when I transfer to Gwinnettec college, what do I need to bring with? such as my I-20 VISA or etc….

    Thank you!!


  3. I was wondering if you could give me sample answers to the sample questions? As to what might be more appropriate it so say?
    Thank you

    • The best answer will vary based on your own personal situation. Think about why you chose that country over any others, was it the country? Was it the accent? Was it the school/program? You will want to answer this honestly, as that’s the best answer to give during your interview.

  4. Hi madam,
    i am Chirag from India, i had take admission in ESL course in dallas forth worth… regular session..

    my course starts in November,my query is if i want to change my course by regular to part time.. so is this possible after coming there.

  5. hi i am from venezuela, i am interesting in taking the esl program because i want to improve my level on english, i have done my bachelor degree recently althought my graduation day will be in the finals of june firsts of july, so i would like to know if i could do the esl program between february or march til june and more important know if i am eligible

  6. Hy
    I am Parth from india . I just wnt to know if i get admission in university for undergraduate in how much time i can get transfer in comunity college !?
    Waiting fir your valuable reply! You can mail me on my mail . Thanks

    • Hi Parth, thanks for your question. This will depend on your university and they types of classes you have taken. I recommend contacting your school for more information on how they accept credits. Thanks, good luck!

      • Hello am jelilu from Ghana I have been admitted to study mechanical engineering at a university in the USA without any test it was just my transcript and diploma but they indicated on the program on my admission letter as non degree seeking-ND that means I am required to take ESL TEST before I can register for classes as an engineering student so how do I answer if I am asked during the interview ”what is your program of study” what would be the best answer.

        • Hi Jelilu, thanks for your question. It sounds like you already know what your program of study is, it’s what your degree program will be. So you can tell them that you plan on studying mechanical engineering and why.

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