Comparing English Speaking Countries

It can be hard to decide where to pursue your English immersion experience or international student opportunities. Prominent and ever-popular destinations like the United States and the United Kingdom have their selling points but are more competitive than ever. At the same time, other English-speaking countries like Canada and Australia have stepped up their efforts to attract desirable international students. This increased focus has turned the spotlight on these two once-hidden gems of international education – but the resulting glare (and policy standardization) has made it hard to tell which is the better choice. Each has unique advantages, however, and when taken together each country’s attributes creates a distinct set of benefits. Accordingly, here are the important points to consider

Canada Student Visa:
– Unnecessary for programs lasting 6 months or less.
– Candidates may be required to path a health screening.
– Student visa holders can work on-campus with some restrictions throughout the country but may work off-campus in only three provinces.
– World famous for its spirit of multiculturalism and high standard of living
– Allows international students who have graduated from a college or university in Canada to work in Canada for up to one year after they receive their degree.

Australia Student Visa:
– Unnecessary for programs lasting 3 months or less.
– Candidates are required to provide the results of an English language test.
– Student visa holders can work part time (up to 20 hours per week)
– World renowned for its low cost of living and affordable education programs
– Provides the flexibility of a working holiday visa

In the end, though, only you can decide the country that is right for you. No matter what you do, however, it is sure to be the first step in the journey of a lifetime!

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