School Vocabulary about Success

brainstormIt is natural to want to do your very best. Unfortunately, complicated expressions can sometimes get in the way. Lucky for you, we are here with this set of school vocabulary about success so that you can concentrate more on your studies than idioms!

to put someone’s thinking cap on – a figurative expression used to describe someone who is thinking very hard

  • Okay, team, the new advertising slogan is due next week and we are absolutely nowhere. Let’s put our thinking caps on and get this done!

to brainstorm – to deliberately think of new or unusual ideas, typically with a group

  • The first step in effective planning is to brainstorm for ideas.

to turn (something) around – to recover from a poor position

  • Don’t lose hope, boys, we can still turn this thing around!

Note: The verb rally has a similar meaning.

to pull off – to succeed when it seemed unlikely

  • Although our team was behind in the first half they rallied and pulled off a last-minute victory.

an A for effort – to receive recognition for one’s participation more than one’s skill

  • Well, Denise, you didn’t win but you did finish the race, so you get an A for effort.

Note: Participation trophies (or “a trophy for participating”) are another way to reward people for finishing what they start.

to make the grade – to earn a high score (often by a wide margin)

  • If you study hard you have nothing to worry about – you’ll make the grade without a problem.

to pass with flying colors – to make an extremely high (or perfect) score

  • Congratulations, you passed your driver’s test with flying colors.

cap and gown – the unique clothing that is traditionally worn by people during their graduation ceremonies.

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