Learning English around the World

Learning English around the worldToday more people than ever before are learning English around the world. As the application of English continues to grow making it critically important in the international community, more countries are including English in their school curriculum. More countries are recognizing the importance of English and realizing that students who learn English from a young age will later have a competitive advantage globally. Not only can students speak another language, but many of the top universities are requiring English language skills in order to be accepted into the University – especially in top ranked institutions in the US and UK.

Because of this, many countries have found that beginning English language studies as early as primary or pre-school directly translates into future opportunities to the country as a whole whether it means a more educated population, increased foreign direct investment, international trade, etc.

In fact, half of the employees in international companies use English every day at work due to trends of globalization, technology, and urbanization. These trends are being monitored on a country basis by Education First who monitors the success of learning English around the world.

Here are the top 5 countries that ranked as having very high proficiency:

1 Norway
2 Netherlands
3 Denmark
4 Sweden
5 Finland

Interestingly, Europe has a strong English proficiency most likely due to the European Union’s strong emphasis on learning multiple languages as evident by the Common European Framework. In fact, according to the Education First statistics, 90% of all students in Europe complete their schooling having studied English.

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