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ELS Educational Services, Inc – also known simply as ELS – offers international English immersion students a number of unique benefits. Far and away one of the most impressive of these is the wide recognition and acceptance of their English for Academic Purposes – otherwise known as EAP – certification. Part of the on-campus Intensive English Program curriculum at many of its ELS Language Centers around the world, an advanced EAP level is recognized by over 600 colleges and universities as direct proof of English proficiency for admission. That means that students who study English at ELS Language Centers and complete ELS level 109 or 112 can use it as direct fulfillment of its English proficiency requirement for both undergraduate and graduate programs. Better yet, many ELS partner universities offer ELS Language Center students that achieve these levels of proficiency a conditional letter of admission to many of their higher education programs. This means that students can transition from their English immersion program directly to a degree-seeking program at the same institution as seamlessly as possible, a unique advantage of ELS Language Centers.

In the event that your chosen university does not yet accept the ELS certification itself, all ELS Language Centers offer preparation courses. These distinct courses are comprised of a comprehensive, 12-week curriculum that allows any student – including those already affiliated with an ELS immersion program or those who are new to the ELS system – to practice the speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills necessary for TOEFL success. As an added bonus, thanks to a cooperative agreement with Educational Testing Services (the developers of the TOEFL exam), ELS also offers testing services for the TOEFL. This means that students can move directly from their preparatory work to the actual test at any ELS Language Center in the United States.

Of course, before signing up for any program you should carefully consider what your chosen institution requires. Given the sheer number of possibilities covered by ELS, however, you can rest assured that ELS can help you no matter what the future holds.

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  1. I would like to receive information regarding your ESL and DELTA exams…as I am an English conversation teacher and i would like to add an extra certificate to my cv.

    Imma Morin

  2. Please i need your help. In order to apply for a job the company is requesting me evidence of my english course @ the univerity of Oklahoma, norman , ok. I attended this language center since 1987 up to 1988. please need some evidence of my attendance in order to prove it to the company. Please help me.. thanks, Nadia

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