Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water! (Phrasal Verbs with throw)

throw garbageLearning a new language can be extremely frustrating, and English is no exception. Sometimes, we all feel the urge to simply give up and say “Enough! I quit!” and throw the computer across the room. But we have to resist this urge and continue the struggle, because the benefits of our labor will be plentiful and sweet (plus, computers are very expensive!). We understand your frustration, though, and this set of phrasal verbs explains a few common constructions with “throw.”

Throw … Out/ – to dispose of something (as with garbage)

  • The chicken went bad before I could cook it, so I threw it out.

Note: This expression can be used as a synonym for “eject” when someone is forced to leave a place (e.g., a stadium or courtroom). This usage is normally seen in passive voice constructions in its unseparated form.

  • Martin was thrown out of the game after he pushed the referee.

Throw … Away/ – to dispose of something (as with garbage)

  • I threw my old phone away when I got my new one because I didn’t think anyone would want it.

Note: Even though this phrasal verb’s most common usage is synonymous with “Throw … Out,” it has an additional usage that allows us to talk about a lifestyle or future possibility that we end through our own actions.

  • I had lots of money, women, and power, but I realized that none of it made me happy, so I threw it all away,moved to Mexico, and learned to surf.

Throw … up/ – to vomit

  • After Mike ate a few bad tacos he felt nauseous and threw up.

Note: Although this phrasal verb is separable, it is most commonly used in its unseparated form. When separated, the object between “throw” and “up” is “what is being vomited.”

  • My dog ate my wedding ring, but luckily he threw it up after a few minutes. Otherwise, I would have been in big trouble.

Remember, our phrasal verb home page has extra practice materials beyond phrasal verbs with throw, but you’ll need your computer to access them, so take it easy!

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