Connotative Words: Other Ways to Say You Love Someone

valentines dayFebruary moves forward and you might have already found your Valentine. But you’re in trouble, you think, because you can’t tell them how you feel! Don’t worry; today’s edition of our Connotative Words Series will show you other ways to say you love someone.

Love is a strong feeling of liking someone or something. The feeling we talk about also involves a romantic or sexual attraction towards a person. It’s usually expressed in terms of endearment, using words like honey, darling, dear or sweetheart to refer to whom we like. We describe our feelings using verbs like adore (admire someone very much and be personally attached to them), care for (feel affection for a person and do things to help or protect them), cherish (hold somebody in high estimation), live for (think of someone as the most important part in our life), treasure (hold them close because they’re precious to us), value (think that he or she is important or useful to us –be careful: sounds unromantic) and worship (show great [perhaps excessive] devotion for them).

The phrase “to be in love” is the most common way to express the feeling: We’ll hopefully say that we are in love at least once in our lifetimes. We fall in love with someone when we start to feel very attracted to them. If the feeling appears suddenly and is very intense, we’ve fallen for them.

A very strong but usually temporary attraction is an infatuation. It’s also known as a crush. We say that Paul has (got) a crush for Annie or that Paul’s infatuated with Annie if he suddenly started to like her very strongly.

We hope we’ve inspired and expanded your vocabulary and given you other ways to say you love someone. For more examples like this, stop by our homepage and practice more with these and other Connotative Words.

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