China Learns English

Did you know that the United State’s second largest trade partner is China (after Canada)? In fact, the United States traded $457 billion US dollars in 2010! This means that companies in the US and China are negotiating, making deals, and coordinating the transactions directly. The majority of this business is conducted in English – so you would imagine that China would rank high in its English language proficiency!

According to English First BV and GlobalEnglish Corp., both independent agencies, found that China is still improving their proficiency to be able to converse easily at a business English level. According to English First BV’s grading, China was ranked 29 out of 44 countries in their speaking ability. As those of you who speak multiple languages – I’m sure you can realize that learning English from Chinese can be quite difficult – there is a different syntax, conjugations, expressions, intonations, pronunciation, and alphabet for starters!

In China’s defense, the British Council found that China is increasing in the number of English speakers. They predict that China will overtake India – a former British colony – in the number of English speakers and that both countries will have the highest number of fluent English speakers in Asia.

Many Chinese travel to an English-speaking country to improve their proficiency. As China sends individuals to learn English, many students prefer to learn business English. By concentrating on business English, you will be able to improve your English and learn key industry vocabulary.

As you can see based on these statistics, mastering English in China can set you a part from other individuals and make you competitive in the job market. This is one of the many reasons why you should learn English!

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