Business Idioms: Idioms about Negotiation

negotiationIn business as in life almost everything is negotiable. So it is no wonder that people are constantly striving to find the middle ground. With this in mind, in this installment of the Business Idioms series we will be discussing some Idioms about negotiation.

to cut a deal – to make a beneficial business arrangement with someone.

  • I thought we weren’t going to be able to afford the new version, but I was able to cut a deal and get it at half price.

Note: cut can also be used to describe a reduced price (e.g., cut price).

to make an offer – to deliver a financial proposal for a product or service.

  • We are going to make an offer they can’t refuse.

a bargaining chip – something used to make someone do what you want.

  • Our faster delivery times can be used as a bargaining chip.

Note: bargaining refers to negotiation and can be used in other idioms (e.g., a bargaining tool referring to something used to strengthen your negotiating position).

a hard sell – an aggressive sales technique.

  • They really wanted us to sign the contract so they were using the hard sell.

Note: this can also be used for when someone is difficult to convince someone something (e.g., He bought the ticket from me in the end but it was a hard sell).

 to knock down the price of (something) or knock the price of (something) down – to lower the price of something.

  • I managed to convince them to knock down the price of my new car.

Note: Knock, as used above, means to hit (as in on a door) but it can be used if a very different way, to describe an imitation or fake product (e.g., her designer purse looks real but it is a knock-off).

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