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Smart phone with color apps flying out.168774905Though smartphones are often criticized for, well, making people less smart – when, after all, was the last time you actually bothered to remember someone’s phone number? – a new generation of applications (“apps”) is helping them earn their name. Indeed, in addition to the thousands of games now available in Apple’s App Store, the Android Market, or Blackberry App World, there are also apps to help you improve everything from your time management to your finances – and language learning is no different. Here are some of our favorite tools to help you improve everything from your vocabulary to your conversation skills:

Vocabulary: Busuu
Far and away one of the most popular language-learning tools on the market, this app helps students of all levels to learn and then review vocabulary using a variety of vocabulary units and tests.

Grammar: English Grammar in Use Tests
Grammar practice got you down? Don’t worry, as this app proves, studying does not have to be all drills and tests. This app, which is based on the popular Grammar in Use series, allows students to practice English grammar through a series of games. As a result, conjugation never seemed so fun!

Prepositions: Preposition Builder
Though it technically focuses on an aspect of grammar, this app merits mentioning because of its sheer usefulness. While the concept is simple – to play the learning game students simply select the correct prepositions describe the image provided – this app takes things a step further by than most by changing the image and sentence if the student chooses the wrong answer. This means that students can learn even while making mistakes!

Conversation: Conversation English
Want to chat? This is the app for you. With it you can try your hand at a variety of comprehension exercises after watching one of 20 video dialogues and, if necessary, read the conversation script before or after for further practice.

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