5 Ways to Learn English for Free!

learning english79327643There are tons of ways to learn and practice English! Don’t think you have to pay for language classes to improve your speaking skills, learning opportunities are all around you! Check out these 5 ways to learn English for free:

1. Watch Television in English with subtitles

A lot of popular television shows and movies are filmed in America meaning that usually all the characters speak English. If you are able to, set the audio language to English and set the channel’s subtitles in your own language (or vice versa), this will give you the chance to listen to the correct pronunciation of words in English and you’ll be able to understand what the characters are saying as you read the subtitles. As your level of English progresses you can set the audio to English and the subtitles to English, this helps you to catch every word of the conversation if the characters are speaking too quickly.

2. Language Exchange

While you’re studying abroad in the USA you can take advantage of knowing a foreign language by offering a language exchange. A language exchange consists of two (or more) people meeting and speaking in two different languages; if you’re meeting for an hour you can speak for 30 minutes in Spanish (for example) and 30 minutes in English. Another option is to spend one full hour speaking one language and the next time you meet, speak the other language for an hour; this give both people the chance to practice the language they are interested in learning. Use social media, friends, flyers, or a school newsletter to spread the word that you’re interested in sharing your language. You can choose topics to discuss for each meeting, like current events, books, movies, cultural traditions, etc. or just let the conversation flow and chit chat about your lives. This is a free way for two people to practice a language they are interested in learning and a great way to make new friends!

3. WRITE it down!

Carry a notebook with you throughout the day; if you’re in class and your professor or friend mentions a word you don’t understand write it down and look up the definition later. Write down words you hear on television, in songs, during the day, or written in the streets. Eventually after you’ve written the same word a few times it’ll start to stick in your memory and you’ll be able to remember it the next time you see it.


If you’ve got an issue with remembering vocabulary consider labeling everything in your home. Just stick a posted-note with the English translation everywhere you possibly can; after a week you’ll remember words like spatula, oven-mitt, and all those other random words that are so difficult to remember!

5. Top 40 Translation

A lot of the top songs currently playing on the radio are in English. Look up the lyrics to your favorite tune and translate it into your native language. You can use a dictionary and Google Translate for help. Once you understand what the song’s lyrics mean you can learn the words and sing along – this is also a good way to help you learn the correct pronunciation too!

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2 responses to “5 Ways to Learn English for Free!”

  1. this is Reiko Kadokure.
    I am Japanese and 63 years. my friend living in Boston and she introduced me ESL school.I wish to study English 2 or 3 weeks in Septe. May I ask you a couple of questio?
    1.is this term Ok?
    2.How much does it cost?(2 or 3 weeks)
    Reiko Kadokura

    • Hi Reiko, that’s great news! Studying English in the USA is a great way to improve your English, no matter what level you are. You will need to contact your ESL school to find out pricing as this varies depending on your school. Best of luck!

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