These Business Idioms Are Money In the Bank!

Broken piggy bank 520388233As we noted in our recent entry in the business idioms blog series, banks have just as big a role in the world of business idioms as they do in the business world itself. Here are some of the most famous; with these at your disposal success is almost assured!

To Break The Bank – to spend more money than you have

  • The small company almost broke the bank after it tried to meet the production demands of a major client placed that placed a huge order on credit.

Note: As the above example shows, this idiom can be used with both actual banks and regular business (in which case “bank” could be considered a stand-in for bank account).

To Take It To The Bank – to have something genuine that you can trust without question

  • Trust me, my stock tip is so good that you can take it the bank.

Money In the Bank – something so certain that it will definitely return a profit

  • No matter how bad a script is, putting a famous actor in a movie is basically money in the bank; even if it is terrible it will make millions!

Note: This idiom refers to the idea that, though the money is not actually in the bank, the outcome is so certain that it might as well be.

To Laugh All The Way To The Bank – to be earn a lot of money easily because of the mistakes of others

  • “I cannot believe the con artist got away with that scheme – he is probably laughing all the way to the bank!”

Take Out A Loan – to borrow money from a bank or other lender

  • The expansion you have proposed will be expensive – so expensive, in fact, that it might be necessary to take out a loan in order to pay for it!

Pay Off a Loan/Debt – to complete the repayment of a loan or debt

  • After 30 years of steadily paying her mortgage, Tammy was so proud to have finally paid off the debt.

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