Credential Evaluators in the US

The United States of America is a land of opportunity for international students interested in growing and learning professionally as well as personally. US universities are well known for their superior resources and faculty. Admissions are open to the world offering a variety of courses tailored to suit each individual professional and personal goals.

University admissions require a minimum of 12 years of primary and secondary education which is viewed as the equivalent of a high school diploma in the US. Criteria for undergraduate admissions in the USA may require the potential candidate’s GPA scores (which, in the case of international students, a credential evaluation agency will provide), and the scores on the Scholastic Aptitude Test I (SAT I) or the American College Test (ACT) scores. International students need to present a Credential Evaluation report from a recognized agency which, according to format, is a well detailed document listing the student’s past educational credentials and hold them in light of US equivalent qualifications.

Students who have completed high school or a foreign equivalent can pursue post-secondary education at a college or university leading to a bachelor’s degree in a field of their choice while concentrating on a “major”. Post secondary degrees typically last for about two to four years. Two-year degrees are called associate degrees while four-year degrees are called bachelor’s degree in most post secondary courses of study. International students can transfer to a US college or university by submitting a “course-by-course evaluation” report, in most cases, which is prepared by a recognized International Credential Evaluation Agency that shows, to name a few, the equivalence of the courses completed in ones country in terms of U.S. equivalent qualifications, hours of credit and grades. Many universities have their own sub-division of credential evaluation or certain other specifications and one would be advised to research this matter amongst others, as many Universities or colleges may differ from others in requirements.

After completion of an undergraduate degree or in other cases, an equivalent international degree, a student can proceed in pursuing higher education, for which the options are many. There are universities that offer Master’s degree, as well as various other postgraduate Certificate or Diploma courses. Again in this case, for an international student seeking to apply, the student might be required to present a Credential Evaluation in some form. Either the university will have a branch dedicated to this purpose or it might require that the student seek out a recognized Credential Evaluation Agency. Specifications for credential evaluation may differ from one university to the other. Master’s programs, in most cases, are typically designed for two years of full-time study, which typically includes a research thesis. Many courses might not require professional work experience after a bachelor’s degree to apply for programs; however, students applying to business schools are usually required to have gained a few years of professional work experience before seeking admission. Again, the candidate needs to consult the individual university in this matter.

Candidates wanting to pursue higher education after the completion of a Master’s degree can opt for a doctorate degree, also abbreviated as a PhD. A PhD degree may take anywhere between three to six years for completion, and might vary depending on the student’s subject of choice, educational background and the university’s requirements. The Ph.D. degree course might entail writing an original dissertation which holds significant research and optimally presenting and defending the work before a panel of faculty members who specialize in the discipline. The Ph.D. degree is presented after these conditions are fulfilled.

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