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So you’ve decided that you want to study English overseas? If so, then you may find the latest findings by Forbes interesting – they have found the friendliest countries in the world!

Friendliness was determined based on questions asked by HSBC Bank International regarding expatriate experiences living in their host country. Information was collected from expatriates living in different countries around the world which were then compared internationally to determine the “friendliness” of each country.

Here are the top four friendliest nations ranked (where #1 is the friendliest nation):

1. Canada
2. Bermuda
3. South Africa
4. United States

So you may be asking yourself, “why does this matter to me?”

If you are planning to study English abroad, you will notice that these top four nations are all English-speaking and good places to study in if you are trying to decide where to learn English.

If you are planning to study English abroad, then there are many factors that will contribute to a successful experience. Being able integrate with the locals and speak on a daily basis is critical to your ability to learn English. In determining the friendliness of each country, statistics were based on if you can befriend the locals, learn the language, and integrate into the new culture and community. These are all important factors in determining a successful trip to while you learn English is South Africa or learn English in the United States.

Have you studied English abroad, let us know how your experience has been!

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    i have mphil in religious studies in Arabic.

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