English Immersion Destinations: Learn English in South Africa

south africa158795225Why study English in South Africa?
Though South Africa occupies only 4% of its namesake continent’s total landmass, it has a political and economic power that far surpasses its relatively small footprint. Not that one should call a country five times the size of Great Britain small! Indeed, this dynamic country of more than 40 million people possesses a population and geography as diverse as any on earth. Flanked by both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and containing a number of stunning savannahs, deserts, and mountain ranges, the vibrancy of its landscapes is rivaled only by that of its economy. All this, combined the prominent status the English language enjoys as the country’s official language, more makes studying English in South Africa a one-of-a-kind proposition.

Where can I study?
Better still, there are a wide range of both public and private English-immersion programs available throughout the country. From cosmopolitan Cape Town and quaint Port Elizabeth to modern Durban and laid-back Jeffrey’s Bay, there are enough options available to meet the immersion needs of students from all walks of life. Plus, given the fact that several of its universities – including, among others, the University of Cape Town – rank among the world’s top 500 universities, studying English in South Africa may prove to be the first step in the path of English-language higher education.

What are the South African student visa regulations like?
While South Africa offers a number of short term visitor visas to foreign nationals of other countries, prospective students must apply for a South Africa Student Visa in their home country before leaving for South Africa. This is because Sout  African visa regulations do not allow applicants to change their visa status without without returning to their home country. Fortunately for international students over the age of 16, applying from home is easy. The student visa application process merely requires language that students apply (and be accepted by) a language school prior to submitting their visa application. With that acceptance they can apply directly at their local South African consulate and begin their English immersion adventure! If you are ready to learn more, don’t forget to check out our Student Visas for South Africa resource.

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