English Immersion Destinations: Learn English in New Zealand

new zealand91013085Why study English in New Zealand?
Though often overshadowed by its larger neighbor, Australia, the tranquil nation of New Zealand offers many surprises to would-be international students. For example, did you know that New Zealand is approximately the same size as Great Britain but has fewer than five million residents? This combination has led to a country that not only boasts spectacular scenery that ranges from sandy beaches and verdant rainforests to stunning mountains and modern cities but also some of the friendliest citizens in the English-speaking world. As a result, studying English in New Zealand offers the perfect pace of life for international students looking for a quiet, welcoming environment to improve their language skills.

Where can I study?
Above and beyond its landscape and people, however, the country also provides a number of high-quality English immersion destinations for international students from all walks of life. More than a 100,000 students from around the world study in New Zealand each year meaning that campuses are surprisingly diverse and welcoming places for English immersion students. As a result, each year more and more choose from among the country’s many modern public and private language  schools to improve their mastery of the English language in an inviting environment.

What are the New Zealand student visa regulations like?
Students from any other nation who wish to enroll in an English immersion program in New Zealand that lasts less than three months do not need a student visa. Those interested in seeking a degree (or otherwise pursuing a longer course of study), however, do need to apply for a student visa to study English in New Zealand. This process is straightforward for most and even easier for students – like the residents of Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and a few other countries – coming from any of a number of countries that have reciprocal agreements with New Zealand. For more information on these and other agreements, see our page on New Zealand Visa Regulations.

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