ELP In-Depth: CSI ESL Academy

logoIn life, opening one door often means closing another. After all, even with ice cream you cannot have both vanilla and chocolate and, in choosing one, must forgo the other (unless, of course, it’s a chocolate swirl). Fortunately, the Computer Systems Institute ESL Academy is an exception to this rule. With campuses in both Chicago and Boston, its campuses allow aspiring English language students to receive a quality education without the burden of choosing between two of America’s greatest cities.

Who should attend the CSI ESL Academy?
The CSI ESL Academy offers programs to meet the needs of a wide variety of students. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced students stand to benefit from its flagship Intensive English program. At the same time, those with an eye on developing advanced English for specific purposes will find its Academic and Business English programs to be an ideal match for their needs.

Where is the school located and where is housing?
With campuses located in Illinois (Chicago, Skokie, Lombard, Elgin, and Gurnee) as well as in Massachusetts (Boston and Worcester), the ESL Academy offers its students a wide range of English language immersion options. That having been said, while the ELP does not provide housing for its students it does provide a wide variety of resources to its students to enable them to find their own accommodations. After all, with so many campuses in close proximity to two of the country’s most exciting destinations the possibilities are nearly limitless.

When are classes held?
Each of the ELP’s three levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) runs 30 weeks. This period is itself divided into three academic terms of ten weeks each which allow students to intensively focus on a different aspect of English proficiency each term.

Finally, what makes the CSI ESL Academy unique?
In addition to the sheer number of locations and study plans available to student, the CSI ESL Academy is also unique because of its Degree Link program. The Degree Link program offers students enrolled in the ELP the chance to earn college credits in high-growth career fields while simultaneously improving their English proficiency. In so doing, studying at the CSI ESL Academy means you can have your cake and eat it, too.

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