ELP In-Depth: The English Language Program at the University of Texas at Austin

Large_university-of-texas_seal_rgb(199-91-18)In our last case study of English Immersion Programs in the United States we at ESLDirectory discussed Sacred Heart University’s English Language Institute and paid particular attention to its quiet but imminently-accessible location. The University of Texas at Austin, too, provides a similar mixture of quintessentially American experiences while at the same time provides a variety of quality English language education options.

Who should attend The English Language Program at the University of Texas at Austin?
The ELP at UT, as it is commonly known, is ideal for students from a wide variety of backgrounds.  The ELP offers seven levels of instruction designed to help students from the beginner to advanced level improve their English for school, business, or pleasure. Moreover, both full time (“Intensive”) and part-time options exist to meet the scheduling needs of a wide variety of students. In addition to general English immersion, however, post-graduate students in particular stand to benefit considerably from its advanced Academic English Program.

Where is the school located and where is housing?
The English Language Program at the University of Texas at Austin is, as the name suggests, located in Austin, Texas. Though Austin serves at the state’s capital it nevertheless retains a small-town,  if urbane feel. As a result students can look forward to taking advantage of the raw beauty that epitomizes Texas while also enjoying the kinds of amenities only a world-class city can provide. Best of all, the ESL Services department at UT offers a comprehensive student handbook  to provide students with the resources necessary to successful secure housing in the city.

When are classes held?
For full-time students, core ELP courses – which cover topics such as writing, reading, listening, speaking, grammar, and idioms – meet five days a week for a total of 18 hours weekly. Those interested in part-time study, however, may register for as many (or as few) of the core courses as their schedules permit and in so doing build a schedule that better suits their needs.

Finally, what makes The English Language Program at the University of Texas at Austin unique?
The ELP at UT offers an idyllic combination of academic and immersion possibilities. Not only does the school have a wide variety of English education options and a commitment to small classes, but also the city of Austin itself represents a great place to explore the United States. In addition to the cities natural beauty, it is also widely known as the “Live Music Capital of the World”. Which means that studying English at The University of Texas at Austin can – both literally and figuratively – be music to your ears.

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