School Vocabulary About College Classes

Some things are universal and others are not. While many aspects of college courses are similar to their high school equivalents, there are some unique aspects of college coursework. Take a look at this collection of school vocabulary about college classes and you will understand why.

an easy A – a class that require little effort to make an A in

  • Everyone I knew took Wildlife Issues because it was such an easy A.

as easy as ABC – used to describe something that is basic and simple to understand

  • Quantum mechanics isn’t that hard! Once you get the hang of it, it is as easy as ABC.

Note: An alternate version of this, naturally, is as easy as 1-2-3.

a weed out class – a class that is extremely difficult and used to eliminate people from a certain discipline before they have taken many classes

  • I wanted to study Finance so I took Financial Accounting my first semester at Uni – how was I supposed to know it was a weed out class? I have never worked so hard for a C in my life!

back to basics – to start from the beginning in order to compensate for missing information

  • After Alejandra’s third failed attempt at a cake, we decided it was back to basics with her baking lessons.

get credit for something – to be officially recognized for something

  • When you are trying to survive a weed out class, getting credit for it is more important than acing it.

Note: As in the above example, in college the something is usually a course. For example “I got credit for my AP exams and started college as a sophomore.”

honor roll – the list of students with above average grades

  • I made honor roll twice times in my Junior year.

Note: Alternate names for the honor roll at the university level include Dean’s List and President’s List.

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