Decimate the Competition with These Phrasal Verbs

bulldozeIn today’s installment of our phrasal verbs blog series, you’ll find phrasal verbs related to destruction.  Sit back, grab some popcorn, and watch the sparks fly!

Tear … down/ – to destroy a structure (like a building)

  • It’s been 5 years since they tore down the old abandoned factory building and they still haven’t built the park that they promised us.
  • The damage from the hurricane is so severe that the building can’t be repaired. We have to tear it down.

Note: The spelling of the verb “tear” (rip, violently separate) is exactly the same as the spelling of the noun “tear” (the water produced by our eyes when we cry or chop onions), but they have different pronunciations. The first one rhymes with “bear,” “scare,” and “wear.” The second (the noun) rhymes with “clear,” “near,” and “ear.” Continue reading “Decimate the Competition with These Phrasal Verbs”

Give (H) and Take – Phrasal Verbs for Changing Possession

watchThings are constantly changing hands these days, and it can be hard to remember who has what and how they got it. Today’s blog will give you some useful expressions to talk about how possession changes. Enjoy!

Give … Away/ – to surrender possession of something without compensation

  • The band was giving away free tickets to the show tonight to the first 10 people that liked the Facebook post. I was number 11, so I didn’t get one.
  • I gave all of my video games away when I started trying to exercise and lose weight.

Note: We can substitute “out” for “away” and have a very similar meaning. However, “out” is used when the thing being given is not a unique, personal possession. Continue reading “Give (H) and Take – Phrasal Verbs for Changing Possession”