ELP In-Depth: Sacred Heart University English Language Institute

SacredHeartPioneersLOGO1Thus far in our series on English Language Programs in the United States and around the globe we have looked at programs in two of the country’s most dynamic cities – New York City and Boston – and another – in West Virginia – that puts the more laidback lifestyle of small town American on display. As important as these two perspectives are, we at ESL Directory are pleased to report that still more options exist between these two extremes. As the following case study will demonstrate, Sacred Heart University’s English Language Institute is an excellent example of an English Language Program that combines the best of both.

Who should attend Sacred Heart University English Language Institute?
Sacred Heart’s ELI, as it is more widely known, has programs for a wide variety of students. In addition to a full-time immersion option, those with more limited availability will find the school’s part-time and evening courses ideal. These courses are designed to allow students to improve their TOEFL, Business Writing, and other skills at on a more flexible schedule. Better still, the Sacred Heart ELI also offers a specialized courses on Medical Interpretation and can provide customized courses on other aspects of English language education over the summer. Continue reading “ELP In-Depth: Sacred Heart University English Language Institute”

Commonly Confused Words: Let Us Help You “C” The Difference

letter c 91366659As the following look-alike pairs prove, English is a confusing language. Worse still, there is seemingly no pattern to the madness. Fortunately, with our help you work past the clutter and clear up any concerns you might have over these commonly confused “c” words.

A single letter – e – makes for some major differences in the case of clothes and cloths. Though both are nouns, clothes – which has the same “o” sound as the words “hose” and “nose” – are garments people wear while cloths – which has the same “o” sound as “moth” and “sloth” – are just pieces of fabric. An easy trick to remember this is to know that cloths might be used to make clothes, but you would never wear cloths!

The letter “e” is also behind this commonly confused pair. Corps, a French word which rhymes with “more”, is a regulated group and, accordingly, is often capitalized as part of proper nouns like Peace Corps and Marine Corps. Corpse, by contrast, which sounds the way it is spelled, is word that is used to describe dead bodies. As grisly as it may seem, then, an easy way to distinguish the two is to remember that corps, with its silent letters, is the far less serious of the two! Continue reading “Commonly Confused Words: Let Us Help You “C” The Difference”

English Immersion Destinations: Study English in Australia

australia164473953Why study English in Australia?
Given the fact that Australia is the world’s third most popular destination for international students – trailing on the United States and United Kingdom – it is safe to say that the secret is out about studying in Australia. Still, what makes a country of only 23 million so attractive to so many? Well, first there is the outback itself. From the Great Barrier Reef to the Great Sandy Desert – and a whole host of climates in between – Australia offers something for everyone. Not that pristine beaches and scenic National Parks are its only draw. Though cities like Sydney and Melbourne are compelling, world-class destinations in their own right, their relatively small sizes make them easy places to feel comfortable. As a result they make ideal places to explore both Australian culture and the English language.

Where can I study?
Plus, its colleges and universities are as attractive as the cities that house them, In fact, according to the The World University Rankings, Australia is home to five of the 100 best universities in the world. Not that these five are outliers: strong government support has provided Australia with the eighth best system of higher education in the world. Moreover, unlike some of the other big names – such as Germany and Japan – that it beat out, a wide variety of scholarship opportunities makes it more affordable than ever to study in Australia. Continue reading “English Immersion Destinations: Study English in Australia”

English Exam Overviews: The IELTS

New_IELTS_logo.gifAs the exam of choice for 2 million test takers from more than 130 countries around the world, the International English Language Testing System is a major player in English language examinations. The IELTS, as the exam is widely known, owes its popularity not only to its track record but, as we shall see, its uniquely adaptable design.

What is the IELTS and what makes it unique?
Jointly operated by the prestigious University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations and the British Council, the IELTS exam is similar to other English assessments in that it measures the reading, writing, speaking, and listening abilities of test takers using a computer interface. Unlike other exams, however, the IELTS has two distinct formats whose names – Academic and General – are indicate the markets they are intended to serve. Though all candidates take the same speaking and listening sections, the content of the reading and writing will differ depending which version the a given candidate is taking. Because the content of the exam varies in this way, a single exam can help to serve the needs of both university admissions (Academic) and immigrations (General) offices while still maintaining consistency of style. Continue reading “English Exam Overviews: The IELTS”